• Enroll in the Arts Cosmos Classes at our Centers

    You can enroll your child anytime during the year. Classes are conducted all year round. You have a choice to enroll at any of our branch locations.
    See below for Schedules and prices. There is a one time registration fee of $29 for New students only. Multi-Program discounts are available for existing students. Pricing listed is for the month to month plan. Annual membership plan cost is discounted and is at $105/month. Discounts are applied after registration is complete, contact us after registration is complete, to ensure that you get all eligible discounts.
    This a month to month plan and can be terminated with a 30 day notice. Enable pop up windows for secure registration.


    Enroll in the Arts Cosmos Summer Camps

    Summer Camps are offered as a half day full week format either in the morning or the afternoon. Our center offers many other fun themes for summer camps, besides the Arts cosmos program so its easy to mix and match.
    An abbreviated version of the Digital arts Course and Famous Paintings course is offered separately, to fit the camp schedule. Existing students can enroll to continue their learning and improve their skills. Multi Camp Discounts are available. You have a choice to enroll at any of our locations. See below for Schedules and prices. You can also explore the Science Cosmos website to explore many other summer camps choices. Enable pop up windows for secure registration.

    For your convenience, Summer Camp Enrollments are completed on the Science Cosmos site, where you get to see all the choices available at our branches, including the Arts Cosmos programs. Follow the link below to the Science Cosmos Camps page.

    Enroll in School & Community Classes

    Arts Cosmos offers a unique combination of Painting lessons and Digital Art classes, teaching students skills that complement each other and enhance the students art learning and creativity.

    If your school is listed below, that means enrollment is active and you can enroll. We usually provide a dedicated webpage for each school and if you have that link its convenient to enroll from there. We list more details specific to each school on the dedicated webpage.

    We offer our program at schools and community centers and work with PTO’s and facility directors to bring our learning program to your location. Classes can be offered for both lower and higher grade level students. We work with the educators and directors to customize a lesson plan that best suits the needs of your students and your schedule. Enable pop up windows for secure registration.


  • Enroll now for Summer Camps

    Enrollment is on the Science Cosmos Site

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    Arts Cosmos is an Affiliate of Science Cosmos

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