Classes & Camps

  • Arts Cosmos’ Classes and Camps are conducted at your local branch and at schools.

  • Arts Cosmos features two  complementary courses – Famous Paintings, featuring the great masters including da Vinci, Picasso, Monet, and Matisse; Digital Arts Course for children using tools such as Adobe Photoshop elements, Canva, etc.  Students will work independently but under the teachers guidance, as they learn to navigate these digital art tools to manipulate graphics, typography, and photographs for self expression. 

  • Art Classes & Camps for Children

  • Children naturally love art – painting, drawing, and creating. Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other areas of achievement particularly in science and mathematics.It’s a real confidence builder for each student to create a masterpiece and discover the artist within themselves!

    The Arts Cosmos uses simple and proven methods to teach students the foundations of how to draw. With our elementary art lesson plans the eyes of your students will lighten up and their confidence will soar when they discover they are truly capable of creating great art. Other art programs try to use craft projects in place of truly teaching art. Such programs don’t deliver the real skills and real success of the Arts Cosmos. You’ll see the difference as your students dare to try new things and discover the artists within themselves

    Children of all ages can benefit from Arts Cosmos. Younger children can absorb the process of art and much of the art history and appreciation. Older children will take interest in the artist’s life and how that affected the artist’s particular style – while gaining tools to create their own spin on the techniques learned. There is great value at every level of learning. Learning a blend of painting the traditional way and art creation with digital tools, give young artists the creative confidence they need to succeed.

    STEAM education puts the missing A (art) back in to STEM education.
    It’s a fact that exposure to art promotes learning in all areas from math and science to language arts. Art engages children and boosts self-esteem, nurtures creativity, provides motivation to learn Each student has a sense of accomplishment and success – And its FUN!

    Children learning art isn’t simply for sharpening creative skills. Children who participate in art education improve in:

    # Problem solving and critical thinking
    # Judging qualitative relationships
    # Appreciating how small differences can have large effects
    # Celebrating multiple perspectives