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     Students learn the blended skills that give them confidence in both painting and digital artwork


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    • “Every Child is an Artist”

      Pablo Picasso
    • “Creativity – The More You Use, The More You Have”

      Maya Angelou
    • “I had learned how to paint by taking classes elsewhere, but the Famous Paintings class showed me how to Paint the Mona Lisa in two days!”

  • Learning How to Paint like Famous Artists

    Arts Cosmos features painting lessons from the great masters including da Vinci, Picasso, Monet, and Matisse. Each featured artist has a style that is explored with a life history and a technique to be learned that will inspire each student to be an artist too! Students ages 6 and above learn specific techniques used by the masters, while appreciating the story behind the famous paintings.

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    Expression of Artistic Creativity though Modern Digital Tools

    Arts Cosmos offers a unique introduction to Digital Arts for children using Adobe Photoshop Elements and similar creative arts software. Students will work independently but under the teachers guidance, as they learn to navigate these digital art tools to manipulate graphics, typography, and photographs for self expression. Students will learn how to use the elements and principles of design to create their own works of art.

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